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Ce processus a été mise en place pour aider les étudiants de UVCI dans leurs révisions, aussi pour mieux comprendre et affronter le système UVCI Sans plus tarder , Je vous invite donc à passer ce test.

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Le devoir a un temps de 30min
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Bance and his friend Aston had a chat. We selected parts of their chat.

Complete the dialogue with: processor – takes – how often – how fast – how far – does – compute
Bance:   do you work on your computer?

Aston: I work on my everyday.

Bance: is Abidjan from Abengourou? Aston:

Abidjan is 200 kilometres from Abengourou.

Bance: is of your computer?

Aston: This processor is really fast.

Bance: How long  it take to get in Côte d'Ivoire?

Aston: It ve hours.

dans l'ordre les reponses correctes sont

how often - computer - how far - how fast - processor - does - takes

2-   (8pts)

The words below are made up of a root and a sux or a prex.
Look at the example and cut the root from the prex or sux Example :

existence : exist + ence

agreement : +
transmission : +
destination : +
conversation : +
follower : +
connection : +
energetic : +
student : +

Pas de correction pour le moment

3- (4pts)

Fill in the gaps with the suitable word from this list:

upload - protocols– malwares – data - androids - browse – rewalls - telephones

Computer users all the information we get when we  the internet.

They also build up  to protect computers from malicious softwares also called .

Modern   are able to act as human beings that is the reason why they are referred to as .

In Information Technologies, information is referred to as . A computer can talk to another through 

Les réponses correctes dans l'ordre sont :

: upload - browse - firewalls - malwares – - telephones - androids - data - protocols

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